SpotlightAIJA Podcast

S01E03: Growing an effective personal brand


Chrissie Lightfoot – The Entrepreneur Lawyer - Multi Global Award-winning Entrepreneur and bestselling author of The Naked Lawyer book series speaks about what it takes to disrupt, innovate and grow an effective personal brand.

In this episode we cover:

  • How COVID-19 changed the way lawyers market themselves
  • Strategies that will help lawyers be more present and effective in creating stronger client relationships online
  • How lawyers can best communicate and evolve their personal brand in the future

External resources shared in this episode:

About the guest

Chrissie Lightfoot is a Multi Global Award-winning Entrepreneur, Lawyer, ex-solicitor (currently not-practicing), legal futurist, AI LawTech pioneer, best-selling author of The Naked Lawyer series, keynote speaker, mentor and Independent Non Executive Director.

She loves to help companies, individuals, lawyers and entrepreneurs develop successful businesses, and in particular, Lawtech products and bring them to market from inception to launch and then growth. She has a unique forte, talent, knowledge, understanding and experience in being the bridge between the lawyer, techie and customer which is a key role in ensuring the launch and evolution of a successful legal product.

Looking at the bigger picture, if you are interested in, or need help with, anticipating 'The Future' (trends and forecasts), Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Branding (personal brand; product brand; company brand), legal procurement, legal services regulation, legaltech, lawtech and/or artificial intelligence in business, then simply ROAR to Chrissie! (Reach Out And Relate).

She is currently looking to share her experience, knowledge and contacts to bring added value to Boardrooms and ambitious entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in organisations, associations, start-ups, growth companies, law firms and lawyers, whether young or seasoned. To contact Chrissie, please reach out on LinkedIn.

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